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BEWARE of flying pumpkins! Join us in Colorado for Pumpkin Chunkin 2014!!!

The Honorable Lord Forrester will be returning to Aurora, Colorado on Friday, October 11-12 with his 25-foot and 14-foot trebuchets to vie for a chance at the title to win entrance into the nationals in Delaware.
He could use help with SCA demos, setup, and even crewing a machine! There is no cost for attendance.
Punkin Chunkin is an annual ritual where people travel for miles to see how far they can lob a gourd.
It's the 17th year for this zany event that engages the energy and ingenuity of youth and adults, while inspiring a fresh twist of creativity.
This year we have a full mile range to entice the "Big Guns" and make the competition more exciting.

Event Information

If you would like to help at the event, email

2014 Outlands Siege Engine Photo Contest

The winner will be featured on the Kingdom Siege Marshal website and will be announced throughout the Kingdom at the end of August.
After the contest, all entries will be included in the Kingdom Siege Marshal website ( to form our visual inventory. For this to work, everyone must participate! This information will also be used to form the Outlands Siege Hall of Fame with long distance, accuracy, and other siege engineer exploits for each engine type.
To enter, email your best siege engine photo(s) along with a short and entertaining paragraph including the siege engine name, your adventures, and the local SCA branch to Please include "Photo Contest" in the subject line. Entries will also be accepted on Facebook!
Contest rules: Entrants must be members of the Outlands and team members for the siege engine pictured. Siege engines must currently be SCA legal and operational.