Office of the Siege Marshal


Nahrun Kabirun’s arbalest team provides covering fire during a bridge battle at Estrella War XXXI

A Message from the Outlands Siege Marshals


Few weapons in the ancient world were as destructive as ballistas, trebuchets, arbalests, perriers, and other siege engines. These great weapons were the artillery of their time, capable of hurling massive boulders, livestock, and flaming pots over and even through enemy fortifications. Within this Society, our scaled-down weapons outshoot bowmen to crash through shield walls and penetrate deep into tightly packed enemy positions. Weapons are destroyed and shields figuratively penetrated by this awesome firepower positioning them as fantastic tools for disrupting enemy formations.


With their size and power, these engines make an impression on the general public and spark wide interest for an organization too often viewed as a medieval fight club. They also provide a unique and fun opportunity for Society outreach at schools and pumpkin chunking events throughout the kingdom.


Designing and building siege equipment can be daunting, so we have organized this site to fast track engineers through the process. Please use this reference to get you started and always know that if you need advice, we are here to help.


SCA-legal construction plans can be found in our Siege Library. These plans are licensed for non-profit, non-commercial use by SCA participants only. Our goal is to provide you with advice to build safe, reliable, transportable, and cost-effective siege equipment that meets SCA requirements. Remember: Siege Marshals are also required to supervise siege equipment during SCA events and in any case where the public could be endangered. Please contact us before you build, test, or use siege equipment using the contact information at the bottom of this page. You can also find us on Facebook.


Siege engineers believe the world consists of two types of people - siege engineers and targets.Siege the day! Bring siege to your group and earn the title "Siege Engineer". To find out how, contact a Kingdom Siege Marshal.



Outlands Siege Engines at Work




Useful Links and Information

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Siege Marshal Contacts

Northern Kingdom Siege Marshal

Responsible for All Groups North of NM
The Honorable Lord Forrester
 Caer Galen - Denver, CO
(720) 560-0627

Southern Kingdom Siege Marshal

Responsible for All Groups South of CO
Magnus Nikolasson, Companion of the Stags Heart
Nahrun Kabirun – Las Cruces, NM
(575) 312-4136 (no calls after 9pm)

Siege Marshal of al-Barran

Y Port Lairge
Albuquerque, NM

Siege Marshal of Caer Galen

Hayashi Yo'Ichirou Norikata
Boulder, CO

The Siege Marshal of Nahrun Kabirun

 Sigfrid von Bremen
Las Cruces, NM

Contact Information of other Kingdom Officers

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